Vote today!

Here’s my new look, (thanks to the chemo). Vote on who you think I most resemble.

Mr Clean    MR. CLEAN

Dr Evil  DR. EVIL  (from the Austin Power movies)

Question markSOMEONE ELSE (Captain Picard? Yul Brenner? Elmer Fudd?)

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6 Responses to Vote today!

  1. Definitely Jean Luc…..Dr. Evil a close second…smirk…

  2. Mr. Clean, of course, you wouldn’t be involved with anything ‘evil’ now, would you?

  3. Russ Schultz says:

    Definitely Mr. Clean – too tall for Dr. Evil and you prefer a germ-free enviroment at the clinic!

  4. *former Polio victim* says:

    *Mr Clean*.

    And the thought that crossed my mind, is I have heard, when one’s hair grows back, after chemo, that their turns curly. How would you look with curlier hair? ;). God embrace you. 🙂

    • My hair is already curly (when it gets longer) so maybe it will come back straight!

      • *former Polio victim* says:

        I know your hair is curly. “Eye’ve” seen ya a time or 2. ha ha ha or 3 or 4. But I can’t imagine you with curlier hair. ha ha ha ha
        I guess that would equal an afro, then, eh?

        I’m just glad that our precious Lord and Savior IS love and with you more, than anything. May HIS great love be showered upon you and *L*. Because with Him, there is no particality. 🙂

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