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Physician assisted suicide

Of course, we don’t call it that anymore. Now it’s Medical Assistance in Dying. The problem with this new name is that physicians, and nurses, and other medical professionals having been giving assistance to people who were dying for thousands … Continue reading

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Learning and Teaching

One of the hats I wear is as a Clinical Professor of Medicine with the Department of Family Practice at the University of Saskatchewan. In this role I host final year medical students at my office for a two week … Continue reading

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Lies the Doula told Me

Okay, “lies” is too strong a word. Errors would be better. Besides, I have no doubt that the vast majority of Doulas are fine, well meaning, caring individuals who want to part of the health care team making every woman’s … Continue reading

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I have been a family doctor for some 28 years. I have seen a lot of births and a lot of deaths. I have dealt with the full range of illnesses, from the common to the rare, and from the … Continue reading

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Death and Life

I’m a family physician in a small Saskatchewan city, and as such I do a little bit of everything. Of course, I see patients at my office but I also take care of hospital inpatients, nursing home patients, and clients … Continue reading

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