Painting in Banff

     Recently, my wife Lisa and I were able to spend a week in Banff, Alberta. Lisa had been offered a chance to stay at the Banff Boutique Inn as an artist in residence. It was a lovely little hotel and for most of the week we were the only guests. Due to COVID, the town was quieter than I have ever seen before but we were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves.
     Lisa did a great deal of plein air painting. This is sitting outside while painting a copy of the scene before you. She did a wonderful job and I contributed by acting as porter and support person when not hiking, writing or reading. In the evenings, we did more of the same or walked together down quiet boulevards or wooded trails. It was a wonderful, restful and truly blessed time.
     As Lisa was acting as an artist in residence, our room was complimentary. In return, the owner of the Inn selected one of Lisa’s painting studies. She made a larger copy after we returned home and this will now be displayed at the hotel. If you are ever staying at the Banff Boutique Inn, you may see it hanging on the wall. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to get back again in the future.
     Here’s a couple photos of Lisa at work and her five studies.

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