Saskatoon Book signings

I’ll be having two book signings up in Saskatoon on February the 8th. I will be at Kennedy’s Parable from 11 AM to 1 PM, and then at McNally-Robinson from 2 to 4 PM. All are invited to one or both of these events. Blessings. – Kevin

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2 Responses to Saskatoon Book signings

  1. Ron Johnson says:

    A couple of weeks ago I met and had a brief conversation with you at McNally Robinson during your book signing. I bought your book and just finished reading it this morning. I enjoyed the book very much.
    In retrospect I see our meeting as a being led by the Holy Spirit. As we talked you outlined the plot of your book and I bought it. At the time I had no idea that you were a Christian or that your book had a Christian theme/message. I am a Christian as well, and an avid reader of Christian (as well as other) fiction. I was pleased later when I looked more closely at the book and realized it had a Christian theme/message.
    I want to say that I read everything by Randy Singer, Robert Whitlow, and many other Christian fiction authors and in my opinion your story ranks right up there with any of them.
    As a person who has made his living for the last 20 years as a freelance/contract technical writer I know a bit about the challenges of writing and juggling competing priorities to complete projects. I commend you on your accomplishment while maintaining your medical career. Thank you for creating an entertaining AND inspirational story.

    All the best in your future writing efforts. May God bless them and you in all of it.

    Your plot cha

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