The Loneliest Journey – Part 8

It’s been five and a half years now since I first received my diagnosis. The biopsy had confirmed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I was started on chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The treatment was not that bad. Oh, I lost my hair and I had some bowel issues, but overall it was quite tolerable. Indeed, most of the time, the only days I missed from work was the actual day when I was getting the intravenous medications. The only time this did not occur was when an antihistamine had to be given late by IV instead of orally. That knocked me for a loop for 2 days, most of which were spent sleeping.

My response to the chemo and immunotherapy was excellent. Since that time, the enlarged lymph nodes have shrunk back to normal and I am having no symptoms of any spread or recurrence. It has gotten to the point that my oncologist no longer reviews my case or orders further tests. They have not declared me cured. They almost never do this as Non-Hodgkin’s is considered chronic. I’m aware of one case that the cancer specialist did acknowledge as a cure but this was after 25 years.

I’m not concerned. I am aware of the signs and symptoms which can signal a relapse—they’re called beta symptoms—and I have had none. There’s even a better reason to feel secure. Last year, Lisa and I attended a church renewal conference in Steinbach, Manitoba, along with two other elders from the church. The conference was excellent, very informative and enriching. Near the end they had a time of personal and corporate prayer. I was feeling lead to pray for others; Lisa, our children and their spouses, extended family, and our church. I was not praying for myself or about any issues that were facing me.

As I prayed, I heard a clear and distinct voice in my mind. It was not an audible voice but I recognized the source. I have no doubt but at that moment, as I was praying for others, God spoke to me. His message was brief but definite. The voice said, “You are healed.”

I felt such a peace at that moment. This feeling only grew and joy was added to it as I shared this message with Lisa and with the leader of the conference. I know that this word is true.

My journey is not over, but I know the ending. I am not alone. I have victory. I am healed. God has spoken.

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